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From 26 to 29 June 2017, the International Specialized Exhibition "LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017" held in Munich, Germany. FEDAL company participated in this biggest tradeshow on the Photonics Market with its own booth.
The exhibition "LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017" is one of the leading events in the field of optical technologies, as well as one of the largest international markets for products and innovations. Messe Munich provides photonics specialists with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and get acquainted with the world trends and prospects for the development of the laser market.
This year, 1,293 exhibitors presented their products at their own stands, more than 32,000 professional visitors visited the exhibition and congress, which, according to the Messe Munich, was a record indicator.
FEDAL Company presented its products at its own stand, organized with the participation of еру Skolkovo. Visitors could see a standard product line of the company, such as Laser diode driver (QCW), model SF350,  Laser diode driver (QCW / CW), model SF550, Laser diode drivers (CW), model SF6xx
These laser diode drivers are designed to supply the laser diodes and diode arrays in CW mode. Supplied as an OEM module. Diode drivers SF6xxx series are used in the industrial laser application (marking, welding, soldering, cutting), medical equipment, laser measuring equipment (spectrometers, lidar, range finders).
Also, the FEDAL company presented a line of laser diode driver with TEC controller for Butterfly LD, model SF8xxx.
SF8XXX drivers are designed to power and temperature control of the Butterfly Laser Diode. The design provides landing pad for soldering the laser diode on the board.
- supply with Azimuth connectors, providing the possibility of fast diode replacement;
- supply with large heatsink for stable heat dissipation.
This line is developed by FEDAL in the framework of the Skolkovo project.
At the company's stand, visitors could see the novelty of the FEDAL - a double-decker diode driver of the SF8XXX model line. This driver is the most compact solution on the market. It has the same characteristics as the SF8XXX single-level driver, and it also can be supplied with both Azimuth connectors and without them.
Representatives of FEDAL at the exhibition "LASER World of PHOTONICS 2017" were Gayoso de los Santos Alexey and Pavlova Zoia.
Each Trade Show is an excellent opportunity to get to know FEDAL product line. But we also provide an opportunity to see our products in our office or via our distributors.