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Laser Optics ICLO 2018

Conference and Trade Show Laser Optics (ICLO 2018) held in St Petersburg from 04 till 08 June. It’s one of the biggest scientific exhibitions and conferences in Russian Federation.
There visitors had a great opportunity to participate and learn reports about different PHOTONICS subjects.
At the exhibition FEDAL company presented its popular product line – CW/QCW laser power supply SF5xx. This power supply works both in CW and pulsed mode. According the market researches the best application for this line is metal processing (welding, cutting and etc.) and also such applications as scientific researches, different laboratory solutions and so on.
Laser power supply SF5xx has 2 modifications  -  SF530 and SF550 and designed for the pumping of high-power solid-state or fiber lasers. The main suppliers of laser diodes and laser diodes arrays, that could be used with theses power supplies) are BWT, Laser II-VI, Focusight, Dilas, Inject (Russia).
This product line has following overage characteristics: overage output power up to 5kW, operating current up to 300A (pulsed mode) and up to 150A (CW mode), operating voltage up to 200V.
FEDAL company had a report about this product line and its applications, especially in metal processing field. You can download this presentation here.
Also all visitors could also see our another product line – pulsed power supply SF3xx – at the booth of our Russian distributor – Specpostavka.
Sf3xx product line is designed for supplying diode array, which are used for pumping powerful solid or fiber lasers. The best suitable diodes, that usually choose our customers, are diode (or diode arrays / bars) that produced by Focuslight, Inject or ATC-"Semiconductor Devices".
Company FEDAL  would like to thank all the ICLO committee, Skolkovo and all its visitors.