Photonics: World of Lasers and Optics 2016
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Photonics: World of Lasers and Optics 2016

From  March 14 to 17 Expocentre Fairgrounds hosts the 11th International Specialized Exhibition for Laser, Optical and Optoelectronic Technologies “Photonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2016”.
In 2016 the exhibition was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Prokhorov A. M. - an outstanding Soviet physicist, one of the pioners of quantum electronics, Nobel Prize in Physics (together with Nikolai Basov and Charles Townes), and one of the inventors of laser technology.
This year, more than 160 companies from 10 countries showcased the latest developers and solutions in the sphere of photonics. Companies from Germany and China had their own national pavilions. The exhibition area amounted to 6000 square meters.
The key associated events of the exhibition are
• Plenary Meeting of the 5th Congress of Technology Platform "Photonics"
• Russian-Chinese seminar on Laser Technology for the Oil and Gas Sector
• Research and technology seminar on Application of Titanium Alloys in Industrial and Special-Purpose Products Using Laser Processing Technologies.
FEDAL Company showcased their achievements at the collective stand of the SKOLKOVO. Visitors and customers got acquainted with product samples of diode drivers – product line for laser diodes and diode arrays - SF6XXX. There were presented some new products: low-power CW and pulsed driver for supplying both single diodes and diode arrays up to 300A in pulsed mode and to 70A in CW mode.
SF60XX Drivers Series is widely used in industrial laser system (marking, welding, soldering, cutting), medical equipment, measuring laser equipment (spectrometers, lidar, range finders).
During the exhibition representatives of FEDAL Company Gayoso de los Santos Alexey and Pavlov Zoia negotiated some contracts and gave some presentations. First samples were submitted to Chinese, Belarusian, German and Russian companies. Also, FEDAL reached an agreement about delivery of diode drivers to Russian and Chinese diode laser manufactures.
The results of the competition for the best laser and optical technology development held by Laser Association were summed up on the last day of the exhibition.
Company FEDAL took third place in category "Sources of laser radiation and the laser beam control system" (the name M.F.Stelmaha competition) for its development "laser diode drivers product line SF6XXX"