Double decker Laser diode driver model SF8xxx
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Double decker Laser diode drivers with TEC controller for Butterfly LD model SF8xxx

FEDAL company presents the line of laser diode drivers with TEC controller for Butterfly LD, model SF8xxx.
This driver is the most compact solution on the market. It has the same characteristics as the SF8XXX single-level driver, and it also can be supplied with both Azimuth connectors and without them.
SF8XXX drivers are designed to power and temperature control of the Butterfly Laser Diode. The design provides landing pad for soldering the laser diode on the board.
- supply with Azimuth connectors, providing the possibility of fast diode replacement;
- supply with large heatsink for stable heat dissipation.
This line is developed by FEDAL in the framework of the Skolkovo project.
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