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SPIE Photonics West Tradeshow




  SPIE Photonics West Tradeshow, the largest industry event in the field of optics and photonics, in San Francisco, CA, was held from February 4th-6t. According to official information, 21,360 registered attendees visited tradeshow. Photonics West had 8% higher attendance rate than last year. 1,256 companies from 30 countries exhibited at the Photonics West Tradeshow. Company FEDAL was proud to be a one of these companies-participants in one of the most successful trade shows in optics history.
   The company FEDAL prepared to tradeshow sci-tech presentation of its products. Customers were acquainted with the specifications for the diode-pumping and lamp-pumping lasers power supplies, diode drivers, charging modules, . Also our staff showed latest solution - multi-channel laser power supply system for diode lasers. This system was designed for work with kilowatt-class laser (laser power up to 30kW ). Multi-channel laser power supply system has an average output power up to 90 kW and an efficiency of 30%.
   This system already operates successfully in research institution of the Russian Federation.
   Among the visitors to the our company's stand took an interest in high-power supplies, including the multi-channel laser power supply systems for research and development usage. Copmany FEDAL concluded some agreement on supply of our products samples in the U.S., Japan and Germany.
Finally, company FEDAL expresses gratitude senior consul of the Russian Federation in San Francisco Sergey Sikachev and Russian Federation Trade Representative in San Francisco, that showed interest and lend support to our company.