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QCW power supply for a diode laser in small dimensions

FEDAL has expanded its product line with the newest - laser power supply model SF305M, which is designed as a laboratory solution and for integration into industrial laser systems.
The power supply has small dimensions and is designed to operate up to 360V and 50A. Thus, the power supply unit is a more compact and more powerful analogue of similar products, designed for output power up to 500W. Functionally, in one case  SF305M power supply unit combines directly the diode driver, power supply (AC/DC converter), control system (state indication), and cooling system. 
And also, unlike similar solutions, in which the customer tries to assemble the power supply system of laser diodes, the ready-made solution of the FEDAL company has several advantages, including the absence of high-frequency interference, which are produced by power supplies (AC / DC converters) used to power the driver.
The source is controlled from the computer via RS485 interface, which allows simultaneously to control up to 32 sources from a single converter.