Laser Optics 2016
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Laser Optics 2016

The 17th International Conference “Laser Optics 2016” took place 27 June – 1 July 2016 in St.Petersburg.
The Laser Optics Conference is the traditional international event, organized in the field of laser hysics, quantum electronics, photonics, and optical engineering. Conference topics "Laser Optics - 2016": solid-state lasers, high power lasers, semiconductor materials, lasers and devices, laser beam control, superstrong field and ultrafast processes, laser in environmental monitoring, lasers for space radar systems, geodesy, navigation, nonlinear photonics , optical nanomaterials, free electron lasers, high-power fiber lasers, laser medicine, biophotonics.
The conference also includes exhibition of latest advancements in photonics. One of the companies, that presented their products, were FEDAL.
FEDAL showed results of its latest developments: CW and QCW Laser Diode array. Laser diodes provide output current from 1 to 70 A (depends on model) and output voltage up to 40V,with output electric power from 150W to 1 kW.  Customers could get acquainted with Laser Diode samples -  SF6015 and SF6100.
Also FEDAL company showed Laser Diode array with the following specifications: output current up to 200A, output voltage up to 10V, pulse rate up to 300Hz and output power from 150 to 450W. Sample of this QCW laser diode array was SF7015. 
FEDAL company displayed its high power LD arrays: models SF350 и SF 306 with output electric power 0.4 kW and 4.6 kW.
Commercial Director Alexey Gayoso de los Santos and COO Zoia Pavlova held several presentations to customers from different international companies, such as: VNIITF them. Academician E.I. Zababahina, Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Institute of Solid Physicsand Optics Wigner Researarch Centrefor Physics Hungarian Academy of Science, Beijing GK Laset Technology Co. Ltd and others. Companies have shown great interest in the latest FEDAL’s developments.
Laser Diode array, produced by FEDAL, has wild range of applications in equipment manufacturing for metal processing, medical equipment, measuring equipment (spectrometers, rangefinders and lidar).