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Multichannel electric power supplied system for diode-pumped lasers MEPSS

Laser multichannel electric power supplied system  is designed for supplying  high-power multi-channel lasers. The power supply system of a powerful multi-channel laser is used in special laser systems, laser technological complexes, in researches of  laser-matter interaction; inertial confinement fusion; stands for the laser diodes arrays testing and etc. MEPSS can be equipped with all any supplies and charging module by FEDAL. The company has experience in designing MEPSS with the number of power supplies up to 50 pieces. The potential number of units is unlimited. The MEPSS structure includes modules that provide control and synchronization of power supplies.

Average output power 250 kW
Numbers of modules 2-50
Numbers of triggers 1-8
External communication interface RS232, USB, Ethernet
Internal communication interface RS232, FOLC
Mode synchronous / asynchronous
Trigger type Internal / External
Input power 310 kW max
Cooling Air  / Water cooled
Power Input three-phase   220/380 VAC, 50 Hz
* Values are limited by average power:  V*I≤P
Price depends on quantity of pluggable laser power supplies and their models
Параметр Значение
Средняя выходная мощность 2502 кВт
Количество модулей 2-50
Количество устройств синхронизации 1-8
Интерфейс внешней связи RS232, USB, Ethernet
Интерфейс внутренней связи RS232, ВОЛС
Вариант установки параметров модулей синхронный, асинхронный
Режимы синхронизации внешняя, внутренняя
Максимальная потребляемая мощность 310 кВт
Охлаждение Водное / Воздушное
Питание трехфазная сеть ~220/380В, 50Гц

 Specification Multichannel electric power supplied system for diode-pumped lasers MEPSS