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OEM Laser diode driver / laser power supply (CW), model SF4xx

CW laser power supply for diode-pumped lasers is designed to supply diode arrays, that are used for the pumping of high-power solid-state or fiber lasers. Power supply is designed for operation in the laboratory, educational, experimental and industrial applications. Also it has current limit, duty cycle limit and safety interlocks. Could be modified by a customer's request for the optimal selection of parameters for a specific load.
  CW mode
Output voltage* (V) 40 V
Voltage changing 1 V
Output current* (I) 15 А
Current changing 1 А
Output current tolerance 0,3 %
Average output power* (P) 600 W
Data display Software for the PC
Communication interface RS485 
Trigger in 5 V, 10 μs 
Trigger out 5 V, 10 μs 
Interlock switch contact closure
Cooling air cooled
Power Input single phase 220 VAC, 50Hz
Dimensions 250*170*70 mm; 1U
Weight 2 kg
Dimensions SF4xx
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