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OEM Laser diode driver / laser power supply (QCW), model SF303M

OEM switched mode laser power supply is designed for supplying diode array, which are used in erbium lasers. Power supply is designed for operation in the laboratory, educational, experimental and industrial applications. Additionally the power supply can be equipped with a LD thermal stabilization controller (TEC controller). Also it has current limit, duty cycle limit and safety interlocks. Could be modified by a customer's request for the optimal selection of parameters for a specific load.
Extra can be equipped for work in temperature conditions –40 / + 50
Pulse rate* (F) 1 — 10 Hz, single pulse
Accuracy of the pulse rate  0.1 Hz
Output voltage* (V) 0-25V
Accuracy of the output voltage 0.1 V
Output current* (I) 1-100А
Pulse duration* (τ) 50-50000μs
Accuracy of the output current 0.1 A
Accuracy of the pulse duration 1 μs
Rise time** <50 μs
Fasll time** <25 μs
Output current tolerance 0.3%
Average output power* (P) 150 W
Communication interface RS485
Trigger in 5 V, 10 μs
Trigger out 5 V, 10 μs
Trigger out delay (Output sync pulse dwell time) 1-5100 μs
Power Input single phase 220 VAC, 50Hz
Type of cooling air cooling
Dimensions 150х70х250mm
Weight <1 kg
Dimensions SF303M
1 pcs 1400 1600
for standing customers 1100 1240
from 50 pcs 999 1125


50-1000 μs
Rise time** <60 μs

 Specification OEM diode driver / laser power supply (QCW) model SF303